Richard Shain Cohen

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Published Books:
Be Still My Soul
Monday: End of the Week
Petal on a Black Bough
Only God Can Make a Tree
The Forgotten Longfellow
Healing After Dark
Our Seas of Fear and Love
NEW! Ecstasy and Distress

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A brilliant selection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry by a living American author — Richard Shain Cohen

Experience an intensely personal history of life in our nation, in our times... as it was lived, and is being lived, by a passionate mind. Select, review, and experience: These books reach into private experience to record where we were on the eve of the war, under attack, changing and striving... through the political machinations which began to change us... through the assassinations, into today... but also: in the quiet of the forests and near the ocean, reflecting on love and spirituality, humanity and relationship, citizenship and responsibility, and on the strife and bonds of family.

Richard Shain Cohen: Biography

Cohen served in WW II as a medic in the Army Medical Corps. He was a Department Chair of English, Dean of Liberal Arts, Director of Planning and Research, Assistant Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Vice-President of Academic Affairs; now Professor Emeritus, University of Maine, Presque Isle. Cohen was Editor of the academic journal, The Husson Review and Director of the Maine state-wide photographic project "Images of Aroostook" under an National Endowment of the Arts Grant.

He was a member of National and the New England Chapters of AFIO, and was a founding member of the Maine Chapter.

Cohen lives in Maine with his wife.