Healing After Dark

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Chapter One:

Chapter Two:
A Medical Man

Chapter Three:
Establishment, Against Odds

Chapter Four:
Adversity and Character

Chapter Five:
Lies and Omissions

Chapter Six:
New Friends, New Homes

Chapter Seven:
War and Upheaval

Chapter Eight:
A New Era Begins

Chapter Nine:
Struggle, and Cancer Detection

Chapter Ten:
Psychiatric Service on a
Sinking Ship

Chapter Eleven:
At the White House

Chapter Twelve:
Last Reflections



Healing After Dark

by Richard Shain Cohen

The moving story of the beginnings of compassionate medicine in America; the memoir of a Medical Pioneer, Morris A. Cohen, M.D. and his Boston Evening Clinic, the first "after-dark" healing center in the nation.

With recollections, introduction, epilogue, index by his son, Richard Shain Cohen, and edited by Richard Shain Cohen. Additional editing by Helen Compton.

Boton Evening Clinic

Above: Boston's "Healing After Dark" clinic.

The story of the innovative founding of the BOSTON EVENING CLINIC was penned by Morris in 1968... it is presented now by his son, with many family background notes, photographs, and updates.

The whole story is here: the mission, the penury, the sacrifices, the resistance from the community and the medical establishment; the sponsors, the supporters, and the final success.

Anyone interested or involved in the struggle today to establish health care for all will find this history compelling.


Above: a telegram to Morris A. Cohen, M.D., from Senator Edward Kennedy, 1965


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Hard Cover Edition: ISBN 9781926918433
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Above: Painting of Doctor in Buggy. Painted in appreciation to Dr. Morris Cohen by the son of a patient.