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Monday - End of the Week

2000, Writer's Showcase Press

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ISBN: 0595125808

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Monday: End of the Week

by Richard Shain Cohen

Monday is a day of deception, conspiracy, cowardice, self-indulgence; the day of kindness, love, courage during the early- and mid-twentieth century eras... time of anti-lesbianism, glass ceilings, and other issues emerging or revealed to roil the national scene.

Drawing upon people from his own experience — and from characters in others of his novels in which they appear — Cohen presents real, believable people in America academia and locations in Europe to battle through the recognizeable conflicts in which they find themselves, placing this book into the family saga which his other novels also reveal and explore.

End of the Week satisfies our thirst for justice, in that courage, endurance, and love triumph over cowardice, conspiracy, and degeneracy; and intertwined persons sustain or destroy themselves by self-indulgence or commitment to social benefit.