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Only God Can Make a Tree

2005, SuiteOne Design Group

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ISBN: 0976677601

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Only God Can Make A Tree

by Richard Shain Cohen

Cohen again celebrates the living memory and rich life of his family, this time in a presentation of poetry by himself and his now-deceased brother, Alfred R Cohen. In style and format the contrasts are clear; but there is revealed a deeply shared focus on the continuity, regeneration, comfort and intense beauty of nature. They contemplate the manifestations of the universal and draw their individual conclusions; while presented together, the poems give us a moving dialog which continues past death.

The book is a collaboration of two brothers, Alfred Robert Cohen (posthumous) and Richard Shain Cohen... The collection is that of love, childhood, the transfiguration of forests as seen through the seasons, the seas of Maine and Texas, the effects of the newly discovered universe upon the psyche and how this affects poetry. Here are insights regarding nature and the stages of human life.

Richard Shain Cohen: (See biography)

Alfred R. Cohen: He was Art Director of Buchanan Company, New York and also held the same position at W.H. Schneider, Inc. also in New York. His wood cuts have been on exhibition. He was also well known in Hollywood for his unique advertising designs and received awards for his work. His schooling was at the Massachusetts School of Art.


"What poetry should be -- a meeting of the cerebral and the sensuous; a dismantling of dulling cliches and offering in their place stirring visual insights into our doubts and fears and joys."

Rosemary Coleman, artist and Professor Emerita of English and Literature, Illinois Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois